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2021 Virtual Research Symposium Presentations


April 6, 2021

Listed below includes the presentation order, name of presenter, topic, and links to the abstracts and presentation slides.

Category Name Topic Abstract Presentation Slides
Graduate Student Melissa Reed Student views of insect consumption: A  Q methodology study Reed Abstract Reed Slides
Graduate Student Gustavo Rosas Effect of cherry pulp on rheological properties and quality parameters of dough and batters Rosas Abstract Rosas Slides
Graduate Student Morgan Denzer Dark storage of enhanced dark-cutting beef in nitrite-embedded packaging increased metmyoglobin formation upon repackaging Denzer Abstract Denzer Slides
Graduate Student Carrie Meeks Optimization of Atmospheric Cold Plasma Device for Food Decontamination Meeks Abstract  Meeks Slides
Graduate Student Frank Kiyimba Differential aging-related changes in protein profiles of dark-cutting and normal-pH beef longissimus lumborum muscle Kiyimba Abstract Kiyimba Slides
Graduate Student Amandeep Kaur The effect of low temperature treatments on pistillate pecan flowers Kaur Abstract Kaur Slides
Graduate Student Nicolas Lopez Evaluation of Whole Genome Sequencing for Rapid Identification and Molecular Characterization of Escherichia coli Isolates from Food and Environment Lopez Abstract Lopez Slides
Graduate Student Alayna Gerhardt Reduced-Lignin Alfalfa in Water-Limited Environments Gerhardt Abstract Gerhardt Slides
Graduate Student Caitlin Karolenko Use of Alternative Salts in Biltong Marinade to Reduce Sodium and Still Achieve USDA-FSIS >5-log Reduction of Salmonella Karolenko Abstract Karolenko Slides
Graduate Student Kavya Gavai Microbial Validation of Biltong Processing to Achieve 5-Log Reduction of L. monocytogenes and E. coli O157:H7 Gavai Abstract Gavai Slides
Graduate Student Sreeram Mikkilineni Identification of quality parameters in manufacturing edible beef skin Mikkilineni Abstract Mikkilineni Slides
Graduate Student Srijana Panta Water Deficit Management In Pecan Orchard Panta Abstract Panta Slides
Graduate Student Sridevi Pamula Venkata Application of Cinnamon Oil Nano-Emulsion to Inhibit Salmonella Spp. on Alfalfa Seeds Venkata Abstract Venkata Slides
Undergraduate Student Madelyn Scott Effects of Light on Non-Enzymatic Metmyoglobin Reduction in-vitro Scott Abstract Scott Slides
Undergraduate Student Lauren Millis Use of Brewer’s Spent Grain for Production of High-Value Mushrooms Millis Abstract Millis Slides
Undergraduate Student Guy Taylor Analyzing the best aquaculture option for adoption by Oklahoma’s aquaculture farmers incurrent/post COVID-19 pandemic situation: a literature review Taylor Abstract Taylor Slides
Undergraduate Student Felicia Johnson Biodiversity of the functional genomics and microbiome of blood as a response to infection in goats by the nematode Haemonchus contortus Johnson Abstract Johnson Slides
Undergraduate Student Rawikarn Wuttirat Functional bread: Effect of red kidney bean and peanut flour on dough and bread characteristics Wuttirat Abstract Wuttirat Slides
Undergraduate Student Kristin McCay Prevalence of selected pathogens in ectoparasites from feral cats of CentralOklahoma McCay Abstract McCay Slides
Undergraduate Student Sydney Cannon  Designing a knock box for the smaller packing facility: one structure for bison, cattle, swine, sheep, and goats Cannon Abstract Cannon Slides
Faculty Member Dr. Ranjith Ramanathan Impact of probiotics on the metabolome of cow and goat milk yogurt Ramanathan Abstract Ramanathan Slides
Faculty Member Dr. Peter Muriana Isolation and Characterization of Nitrate Reducing Bacteria (NRB) to Generate Vegetable-Derived ‘Natural Nitrite’ and Validation of its Effectiveness against Clostridium Spores in Low- and High-Fat Hotdogs Muriana Abstract Muriana Slides


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