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Educating the Industry 

Our educational programs, training and seminars keep food and agricultural processors and entrepreneurs on the forefront of cutting-edge value-added processing and technology. View our calendar of events for the workshops and trainings available. Interested in attending? Click on the event to register.


held each year on a variety of topics, including food safety, starting a food business, baking and more.


attend each year to learn more about industry topics in value-added food and agricultural processing.

Online Training

Basic Training for Food Entrepreneurs

Have a food product idea you want to commercialize but don't have time to come to an in-house training? We can help! The Basic Training for Food Entrepreneurs is an online, self-paced course which covers how to take an idea or food product to market and helps address issues through business planning assistance, market identification, strategies and an explanation of food processing regulations. The training consists of 11 modules with interactive learning activities and quizzes.

  • Cost - $225

Understanding Food Labeling Regulations

This online course is for both beginning and advanced food industry professionals and provides information about FDA food labeling regulations and other related subjects to the regulated industry. Learn about mandatory label elements, food allergen labeling, nutrition labeling requirements, health and nutrition claims, special labeling issues such as exemptions and USDA-FSIS regulations.

  • Cost - $600


The online Basic HACCP training covers the basics of designing a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan and is accredited by the International HACCP Alliance. Employees responsible for developing, improving or maintaining a HACCP system will benefit from taking this online training.

  • Cost - $299
Food Safety Professional Award Presentation

Food Safety Professional

Apply Today!

The Food Safety Professional was created to recognize individuals who complete a significant number of food safety trainings offered by FAPC. To apply to become a Food Safety Professional, simply complete the application form, earn at least 10 credits and attend at least two trainings from three group of workshops: Basic, Regulatory and Advanced. OSU students taking food safety courses may receive credit for workshops.

Starting a New Business

Business Blan

Business Plan Review

Whether you're starting a small business or exploring ways to expand an existing one, a business plan is an important tool to help guide your decisions. A business plan conveys the organizational structure of your business and acts as a management tool to refer to regularly to ensure your business is on course with meeting goals, sales targets or milestones. Let us review your business plan and offer suggestions to help improve your strategy and business goals.

Sample Food Business Plan
Cost vs benefits

Cost Analysis

We strive to ensure a profitable future for Oklahoma food and fiber processors by necessitating a constant and intensive review of changes in both industry characteristics and markets. We can provide feasibility analysis to determine if a project or idea is technically feasible, realistic within an estimated cost and profitable.

Feasibility Templates
reviewing food label

Label Review

Is your product label compliant with FDA regulations? We have specialists who are knowledgeable in areas of label compliance, including mandatory label elements, nutrition labeling, health and nutrition claims, food allergens and exemptions. Let us help make sure your label meets these regulations.

CFR - Code of Federal Regulations Title 21
light bulb with components of communication


Effective communication is an important part of operating any business and is the key to an organization's success, particularly within a small business, where employees often wear many hats. We offer services in logo design, label design, packaging design, brochures and information sheets, website development and social media assistance to help companies with their communication plan.

News and Publications

Need more information on starting a new business?

Contact: Erin Johnson


examples of nutrition fact panels

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition fact panels are an important and essential part of a food product's packaging. The nutrition information is one of the top elements consumers look at when deciding on purchasing a food product. We can help food companies develop nutrition fact panels for their products.

Request a Nutrition Fact Panel
jars of salsa

Process Authority

A Preserved Food Process Evaluation is a service we provide to food processors. This service exists to offer a scientific evaluation and opinion regarding the safety of a food preservation process. Food products that are likely to support the growth of harmful microorganisms if not properly preserved are candidates for evaluation.

Request Process Authority Evaluation
hamburger patty on conveyer belt

USDA/FDA Pilot-Scale Processing

Does your business need pilot-scale processing services? We can help with training and demonstration, process system development and evaluation, product development, equipment evaluation, ingredient evaluation, technology transfer, thermal process evaluation and consumer market testing.

Need more information on testing?

Contact: Andrea Graves

Food Safety Assistance

training class with participants

Training and Education

We offer a variety of training and education opportunities for standardized food safety and defense programs, such as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), Internal Auditor, BRC, Safe Quality Foods (SQF), FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food and Animal Food and Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training. Workshops are available online and in-person on the OSU-Stillwater campus. Customized workshops also are available at customer facilities and other community venues.

audit of meat processing area

In-plant Assistance and Audits

We focus on direct food industry assistance in the areas of auditing, pre-third-party audit preparations and in-plant technical assistance for food safety/quality programs. We provide GFSI resources to assist food processors as they undergo rigorous third-party auditing for standardized food safety/defense programs. These include federal programs, such as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) but also includes private sector retailer and foodservice-driven programs, like BRC, Safe Quality Foods (SQF), Primus, FSSC 22000 and other Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) programs per request.

Need more information on food safety assistance?

Contact: Chuck Willoughby

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