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Food Safety Professional

The FAPC Food Safety Professional was created to recognize individuals who complete a significant number of food safety trainings offered by FAPC. To apply to become a Food Safety Professional, simply complete the application form.


  • Earn 10 credits of workshops to be recognized as a FAPC Food Safety Professional. A certificate will be presented upon completion of the program.
  • Must complete a workshop from each of the 3 groups listed below (10 total credits required).
  • Must take (or have taken) the workshops within 6 years. Courses completed in the past 6 years will be accepted, but it is up to the individual to identify the workshop, and month and year attended, which can be found on the certificate given at each workshop.
  • Only FAPC workshops and trainings will be considered. OSU students taking food safety courses may receive credit for workshops. Credit is limited to the respective workshop credit, not the course credit.


Group 1 - Basic

  • Accredited Basic HACCP (2 credits)
  • Sanitation in the Food Industry (1 credit)
  • Food Allergen/Recall Workshop (1 credit)
  • Food Defense & Food Fraud (2 credits prior to 2019; 1 credit for 2019 and after)
  • Basic Training (1 credit)

Group 2 - Regulatory

  • Food Labeling (1 credit)
  • FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food - Part 2 (3 credits)
  • Preventive Controls for Animal Food (3 credits) NOT AVAILABLE FOR FUTURE CREDITS
  • Better Process Control School (3 credits)
  • FSMA - Foreign Supplier Verification Program (2 credits) NOT AVAILABLE FOR FUTURE CREDITS
  • Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training Course (1 credit)

Group 3 - Advanced

  • BRC (2 credits)
  • SQF (2 credits)
  • Internal Auditor (1 credit)
  • Food Microbiology (2 credits) COURSE BEING DEVELOPED

FAPC, OSU or its constituents are not claiming that individuals recognized as a FAPC Food Safety Professional are certified in a given field.

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