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Administrative Staff

Sheary Johnson

Administrative Assistant

Karen Smith

Conference Services Manager

Joyce Hufford

Accounting Specialist

Latanja Johnson

Finanical Assistant II


Dani Bellmer, Ph.D.

Food Process Engineer

Tim Bowser, Ph.D.

Food Process Engineer

Nurhan Dunford, Ph.D.

Oil/Oilseed Specialist

Rodney Holcomb, Ph.D.

Agribusiness Economist

Salim Hiziroglu, Ph.D.

Wood Products Specialist

Ravi Jadeja, Ph.D.

Food Safety Specialist

Divya Jaroni, Ph.D.

Food Microbiologist

William McGlynn, Ph.D.

Horticultural Processing Specialist


Professional and Technical Staff

James Arati, M.S.

Business Development Specialist

Stephanie Baker, B.S.

Quality Management Specialist

Andrea Graves, B.A.

Business Planning and Marketing Specialist

Mandy Gross, M.S.

Communications Services Manager

Erin Johnson, M.S.

Business/Marketing Client Coordinator

Brandon Kahle, B.S.

Meat Pilot Plant Manager

Jake Nelson, M.S.

Facilities Manager/Meat Processing Specialist

Renee' Albers-Nelson, M.S.

Milling and Baking Specialist

Darren Scott, Ph.D.

Food Scientist/Sensory Specialist

Chuck Willoughby, M.S.

Business and Marketing Relations Manager

Palgunan Kalyanaraman, M.S.

Horticultural Research Specialist

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